Sky Full of Light

The opportunity in the crisis

The Healing Map

As much as you might not see this in the beginning, when we are “hit” with a major crisis in the form of disease or adversity, this is in fact a time that we are also being given an opportunity to make critical decisions on how we are going to be, act and cope with this new situation.


It may seem that we have lost all control due to the lack of ability to dominate our lives and what is happening to us and our family.

We might feel stripped of our strengths and abilities.

It is entirely natural to feel like this, however we need to find our resources of inner strength, as who we choose to be in what is unfolding in our lives, as this can have a major impact on our healing process.


Healing comes from the Latin word whole.

We are not only our bodies or our disease when we face a crisis, we are much more than that. We need to know how to use all of our resources in order to strengthen ourselves and regain our power and sense of control.


This is where the “healing map” I have developed comes into practice.

The healing map is a form of a mind map that we will create together in our sessions that directs you in the multiple and holistic ways you can approach your crises, enabling you to regain your sense of control and look at things in a more holistic way.

I will direct you in how you can regain control in the way that you are dealing with your crisis. You will be surprised how much control you do have even in the most stressful and painful times.

From my own experience, crises can act also as an opportunity for growth;  an opportunity to view our life story in a different and more empowering way.


In this program, I will support and guide you to create your own healing map.

I will also show you a few simple methods of how you can raise your energy levels and change your perspective of how you view what has happened in your life.


Outcome: This will enable you to regain your sense of self.

You will be reminded that being in control of our life is an illusion, and the only real control we have is in our freedom of choice, both in the way we choose to view our life story and in the way we choose to act as a result.

Rainbow and Waterfall

Rewrite your past stories

Healing your inner child

Would you let a child run your life?


As much as I am sure your answer to this question is “absolutely not!”, this is exactly what IS happening if we don't attend, process, and raise awareness to feeling, limiting beliefs and restrictive stories. In particular, those which we formed about ourselves and our lives due to painful and charged past events especially in our younger years.


Imagine yourself on a walking track, carrying an overloaded bag that is hindering you from walking  freely and smoothly along the path.

Unprocessed feelings, limiting beliefs and restrictive stories are like a heavy load that we carry on our back which do not allow us to enjoy the flow and beautiful scenery of our life journey.


Strong feelings are like young children - they will not leave us until you attend to what they are trying to tell you. They need your attention and your agreement to feel them fully. They have an important message for you.

It is the same with our limiting beliefs and restrictive stories.  


In this program I am offering six breakthrough sessions in which you will regain your power in how you view painful, charged past events that you didn't succeed in resolving until now.

I will help you to raise awareness of feelings you have developed due to these events and you will understand that carrying these unresolved feelings makes a reactive and charged self in your current adult life.

Together we will explore limiting beliefs and restrictives stories that you have formed about yourself and your life, which are holding you back.

I will teach you a methodology of how to attend unprocessed feelings and how to regain a sense of control towards painful and charged past events. And lastly, how you can form an awareness in the way you choose to view your life story.


Outcome: You will be able to live a more authentic life and transform your special gifts and uniqueness into your natural state of being.



Turning internal conflict into integrative dialog

The term personality is derived from the Latin word persona meaning ‘a mask’.

We all have several ‘masks’ that we put on and remove as life requires.

Personality is a patterned body of habits, traits, attitudes and ideas of an individual.

Externally, these are organised into roles and statuses, whereas internally, they relate to motivation, goals and various aspects of ‘the self’.

The challenge starts when we have parts or ‘sides’ of ourselves that we dislike and we categorise them as unhelpful and even self-destructive.

We tend to feel ashamed about those parts, thus we hide and suppressed them as much as we can. In practice these “sides” do have an important message and a story to share with us. As long as we know how not to identify with them, rather integrate them in the wholeness of who we are.

In these five breakthrough sessions I offer creative ways to allow these parts to share their voice and message with us. I allow a constructive dialog, so it will become clear which are the important elements of your life story.