My Story

I love stories.

Listening to stories. Telling stories. Living stories.

I always have.

Since I was a little girl I was drawn to the magical world of stories in every shape and form; books, fairy tales and storytelling. When my dear grandma wanted to teach me something, she would invent a story for me. That's how I learned best. I was carried by her stories to different realms and discovered myself and the world through them.

I was enchanted and fascinated by every word.

When I became a bit older I loved listening to my friends. I think that I viewed what was being shared with me as a form of a story. I always loved listening and helping them with a “piece of advice”. My mum used to joke that I was like the oracle, as friends were constantly sharing their stories with me and seeking my help. It all came very natural to me. It was in “my grain”.

Later in my life, studying and working as a social worker was a natural flow of who I was.

At this time my love for literature, poetry and writing was always present and I continued to feed my soul with it.

At a later stage when working as a social worker,  I started to get the feeling that you have when things are no longer accurate in your life. I couldn't ignore it.

In response, I started searching, seeking and exploring possibilities. I travelled, I learned more, I practiced being still and listening to my inner voice and to the story that it longed to share with me.

It wasn't always clear, but I kept on trying. Sometimes it required a lot of strength and braveness, as it would have been much easier to simply give-in to what society demands. I felt however, that I couldn’t just follow the herd, I needed to do it differently. For me, listening and following my authenticity and my unfolding stories, were the only way that I could progress.

At another stage of my life I decided to study anthroposophy and to become a Steiner Early Childhood Teacher. The richness of this approach and it’s wholistic way of looking at the human being and children (body, soul and spirit) really spoke to my heart. I absolutely loved the artistic aspects of it, and felt how my soul was being nourished with beautiful verses, songs, rhymes, poetry and of course, stories and fairytales.

Life continued to unfold for me and I had two beautiful children. I was running groups of parents and children, reading a lot and continued exploring life and its unfolding mystery.

And than a major health crisis struck my life.

I was scared.

I didn't know how it would unfold for me.

In times that many things are unknown and you don't have control on what is happening in your life, it was very obvious to me that the one thing that I do have control over, is on who I am, in everything that is happening to me and my family.

I asked myself;

How do I respond and react?

What story do I choose to tell myself about everything that is going on in my life?

I felt quite strongly that I was standing before “an imaginary intersection”.

I could almost see it in my mind eyes;  The inner intersection of choice”.

Do I choose a story of being a victim of life circumstances

or do I choose a story of empowerment and opportunities?

I chose the second option.

I strongly believe that it is possible to raise our awareness and consciousness to this “inner intersections” of life.

I know that it is in our strength to choose the way we perceive our life. The way we view our stories. The way we tell our stories, first of all to ourselves and then to others.

We don't need to face a major crisis in order to be able to do this. Our inner stories are always there, whispering in our ear. It is our responsibility and in our ability to choose which story we follow.

It begs the questions:

Which story do we want to feed?

Which story serves us best?

Stories are meaning makers.

I believe that through being attentive to our unprocessed feelings, looking and questioning our limiting beliefs, questioning the old stories that we tell ourselves, we can raise our awareness to the ever present possibilities of our freedom to choose.

And it is this freedom we are able to face whatever life has to offer us with springs of inner strength, passion and wisdom.