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Our narratives and Mindfulness

Humans have told stories to make sense of the world since the beginning of time.

Stories are the trademark of being human. We are distinctly wired for narrative; both that which we collect and that which we create within ourselves.

Stories are meaning makers.


The way we choose to interpret our story is fundamental in creating the perspective of how we view our lives and what happens to us.


I have developed these three programs to assist in our interpretation and understanding of one’s stories. They are designed as a “beginning to end” program. By this I mean we will follow together a clear and structured process.

During the sessions I ask for your active involvement in the process, as I believe every healing progress requires our own responsibility and commitment.

I also put a strong emphasis on teaching practical methods you can use after our sessions, so you can continue to strengthen the work that we have done together.


In all three programs I guide you in creative and unique ways of how to raise your awareness and facilitate change in the nature you choose to view your narratives and inner stories. My programs can assist you through times of crisis or in regard to the way you see your past stories and inner conflicts.


The way we choose to view our stories, both the day-to-day stories and the bigger picture of our being, can make a huge difference in our perspective of life and how we react to everything that occurs to us.  


Today, cognitive science and psychology agree that the study of narrative identity is intertwined with the flexibility of self. It is the measured assertion that we don’t just tell stories, we are our stories; bound together by our beliefs and experiences. This makes our stories, and the qualities of our stories, important to who we are. The question then becomes, what are the stories we are telling ourselves, if they are the script of who we become?


All change begins by recognising that we are the narrators of our stories.


Moment by moment we choose the ones we tell.

Sky Full of Light

The opportunity in the crisis

The Healing Map

As much as you might not see this in the beginning, when we are “hit” with a major crisis in the form of disease or adversity, this is in fact a time that we are also being given an opportunity to make critical decisions on how we are going to be, act and cope with this new situation.

It may seem that we have lost all control due to the lack of ability to dominate our lives and what is happening to us and our family.

Rainbow and Waterfall

From past to presence

Healing your inner child

Would you let a child run your life?

As much as I am sure your answer to this question is “absolutely not!”, this is exactly what IS happening if we don't attend, process, and raise awareness to FEELINGS, limiting beliefs and restrictive stories. In particular, those which we formed about ourselves and our lives due to painful and charged past events especially in our younger years.



Turning internal conflict into integrative dialog

The term personality is derived from the Latin word persona meaning ‘a mask’.
We all have several ‘masks’ that we put on and remove as life requires.
Personality is a patterned body of habits, traits, attitudes and ideas of an individual.
Externally, these are organised into roles and statuses, whereas internally, they relate to motivation, goals and various aspects of ‘the self’.

Iris Portrait March 2020.jpeg
My Story

After facing a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer and walking through this challenging path with grace, courage and awareness, I knew that I needed to share what I have learned with as many women as possible.  I practice and teach mindfulness methods which have brought many transformative shifts into my own life and in my client’s life. Today mindfulness is an integral part of who I am and how I choose to live my life.

I have over 27 years’ worth of highly valuable experience in varied holistic disciplines as a social worker, Steiner teacher, holistic and narrative counselor, and a mindfulness and meditation group facilitator. I have a great passion for self-discovery, growth and expansion. I have developed easy to apply tools, methods, programs and processes which can guide, support and transform emotional and behavioral patterns into new, refreshing ways of operating in the world.


Iris is a warm, loving human being.
She knew how to hold the space for me and to encourage me through the process that we were going through.
I was surprised to discover how liberating and transformative the process that she is offering and how much we achieved in just five sessions!

Sinead Fine

I came to see Iris a while after I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It changed my life, my abilities and I felt I had to find a way out.
Iris with her loving presence and sensitivity helped me feel more secure from one meeting to the next. Together with working on my healing map,  I could feel I was getting my power back!

Sharon Sade

Working with Iris was absolutely a transformative experience!
I could have never imagine we can accomplish so much just in six sessions!
The most powerful thing for me was raising my awareness to the "inner intersection" of life and understanding that I can always choose freely.

Sagit Cnaan

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