Why is healing greater than cure ?

To heal comes from the Latin word whole


To be whole takes us far beyond cure

When we cure, we fix a problem. We want to be cured because we want whatever is wrong to go away. But where did the problem come from? And does getting rid of the evidence really mean it has gone away?

True healing happens when we learn how to loosen the hold of all that we think and feel, and develop our capacity to cultivate truly compassionate awareness.


True healing takes place when we make space and take time to observe and attend all aspects of our being which need our compassionate attention.


True healing takes place when we stop fighting what is, and instead allow ourselves to abide in what exists in each moment.

This is not passive observation, but a willingness to recognise things as they are. Why? Because these things are present and already part of our lives. Instead of resisting, we need to respond.

When we are willing to wrap the totality of our experience in true awareness—then, and only then—we make space for true healing to occur. This encompasses ALL healing …

Some of what is present may persist.
Some may resolve.
Some may reappear.

Whatever discomfort or challenge arises, true and sustained healing is always available to us. Because it is not about fixing what is wrong with our bodies. It is also not about fixing what goes on in our minds. It is about attending to all that is present in our experience with love, care, tenderness and self-compassion.

This creates conditions for healing that goes far beyond cure.

It opens our world into a whole universe of potential for ongoing renewal and change.

Our world whole.
A whole universe of opportunities and possibilities.

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