Client Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying

”Iris is a warm, loving human being.
She knew how to hold the space for me and to encourage me through the process that we were going through.
I was surprised to discover how liberating and transformative the process that she is offering and how much we achieved in just five sessions!
I feel that Iris helped me to integrate parts of myself that I used to reject.
She helped me to “view the whole story” of who I am. She helped me to come into terms and to redefine parts of myself that I didn't like or thought they are not helpful in my life.Throughout our process, I came to the  understanding that everything inside me holds an important message for me and it is asking me to look at and to be listen to. My life has a better flow now, as instead of rejecting and avoiding parts of myself, I have learn to direct my energy into tuning in, being still and listening without judgment or criticism. I keep on being surprised of what I am discovering using this method and approach.
Iris had thought me some simple ways in which I can continue this work outside of the clinic so I can have them as “tools for life”.
I can't thank Iris enough for the process she had taken me through!!!"

Sinead Fine - Homeopath

"I came to see Iris a while after I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It changed my life, my abilities and I felt I had to find a way out.
Iris with her loving presence and sensitivity helped me feel more secure from one meeting to the next. Together with working on my healing map,  I could feel I was getting my power back!
I have learned that although I was going through difficult times,I still have control about so many things, and that the view of what is happening in my life, makes a huge difference!
Iris helped me to choose a path of strength versus feeling like a victim of life circumstances.
In addition, some simple methods that Iris taught me are helping me on a daily basis. I am so grateful... I hope many can enjoy Iris's healing gift."

Sharon Sade - Product Manager

"Working with Iris was absolutely a transformative experience!
I could have never imagine we can accomplish so much just in six sessions!
The most powerful thing for me was raising my awareness to the "inner intersection" of life and understanding that I can always choose freely.
The therapeutic work that we have done together helped me to process an attended feelings that I had and shift some past stories that were holding me back and not allowing me to flourish in my mature life.  
I highly recommend working with Iris!
She will help you to “shed your old skin” and become who you are meant to be."

Sagit Cnaan - IBM Project Manager