What my clients are saying about working with me

"I'm grateful to Iris for assisting me on my spiritual journey. I've found it difficult to see life other than in a scientific or analytical way. And dealing with past trauma and a harsh Inner critic has been a challenge. 

Iris's gentle encouragement to love all parts of myself including the darker parts has been important for me. With mindfulness training I've practiced being in the present, noticing and acknowledging what is happening for me. I'm grateful also for the Inner Child work we did together

Dr Michael BestMedical Practitioner"

Iris is a warm, loving human being. She helped me integrate parts of myself I used to reject and suppress. After working with Iris, I feel I am much more compassionate and kind with myself. She enabled me to view the whole story of who I am. She helped me to come to terms with and redefine parts of myself I didn't like, or thought were not helpful in my life. My life has a better flow now. Instead of rejecting and avoiding things, I have learned to direct my energy into tuning in, being still and listening without judgment or criticism.

I can't thank Iris enough for the process she had taken me through!                                         

Sinead Fine - Homeopath

I came to see Iris a while after I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It changed my life, my abilities, and I felt I had to find a way out. Iris, with her loving presence and sensitivity, helped me feel more secure from one meeting to the next. Working together on my healing map, I could feel I was getting my power back! I learned—

Although I was going through difficult and challenging times, I can still feel empowered


my view of what is happening makes a huge difference.


Iris helped me to choose a path of strength versus feeling like a victim of life circumstances.
In addition, some simple mindfulness and other methods Iris taught me are helping me on a daily basis.
I am so grateful. I hope many can enjoy Iris's healing gift.

Sharon Sade - Product Manager

Working with Iris was absolutely a transformative experience. The most powerful thing for me was inner child work. Through this process, I have learned how to establish a loving connection with my inner child and provided her with a strong sense of security, being loved and seen. I have come to understand old patterns like my “inner critic” which held me back for years and how I can mindfully choose to let it go. The work we have done, helped me process and attended to difficult feelings and shift past stories that were holding me back and not allowing me to flourish in my mature life.  I highly recommend working with Iris! She will help you to “shed your old skin” and become who you are meant to be.

Sagit Cnaan - IBM Project Manager

I have experienced some significant transformations in my life through the process I have done with Iris. I am kinder and more compassionate with myself and others. I can notice my harsh inner dialogue with care and choose a different, more gentle voice mindfully. In general, I am experiencing greater ease, joy and better flow in my life. I feel like a heavyweight was lifted, and I am looking at life through different lenses.

Rinat Dor 

Milano Mia 

Photographer & tour guide 


What my clients are saying about my mindfulness and meditation course”

I attended a weekly meditation course with Iris. I didn’t realise how many benefits it would have for my mental health and my relationship with my family and myself. Iris is a rare find, and I feel fortunate to have found her. It is rare to find such a beautifully spiritual woman and a privilege to spend time gaining knowledge and absorbing her warmth.

- Sharon Ensink, Oncology Nurse

The high level of stress between work and life brought me to Iris’s workshop where I learned tools to take a moment for myself, be mindful and specifically kind to myself. I felt lucky to be in the workshop and learn ways to connect and manage my thoughts and feelings better.

Iris is a gifted coach who is particularly compassionate to the participants of the workshop. I’m looking forward to another workshop already.

- Yaara Dromi, QA Technical Specialist

I recently participated in Iris' mindfulness and meditation 5-week workshop. Iris delivers a well-paced, thoughtful and insightful experience. She is very knowledgeable about the mind and body and how to bring awareness to both. The support materials Iris provides in between workshops are most valuable too. I would highly recommend Iris' services.

- Meg Spackman,  Professional Trainer & Facilitator 

Joining Iris's Mindfulness and Meditation Course was one of the most meaningful experiences I have recently had. What’s so special with Iris, is the combination of knowledge with compassion and love, all leading to a unique journey. Iris has helped me transform myself from reading enthusiastically about meditation, to actively practicing and continuously motivating myself to improve and learn more.

- Corinne Caballo Goldberg, Family and Parents Counsellor

I am so glad I did the Mindfulness and Meditation Course with Iris Bar and would like to recommend it to everyone. I feel calmer. I am able to use techniques when my triggers go off. Using meditation at night has allowed me to get a better night’s sleep. One of the most important benefits I got from the course was the understanding that my thoughts and feelings are normal, and a natural part of being human. The methods Iris taught us are now my go-to tool when I’m overwhelmed or need to re-focus. Iris Bar was exceptionally good. Really highly skilled. Thank you Iris for a wonderful experience.

- Shira Goldberg, Planning and Supply Chain Coordinator

Iris is an exemplary teacher.

She is highly competent and knowledgeable and guides practitioners responsibly, intelligently and compassionately.

It is transparent that Iris’s dedication and commitment to her own practice of meditation, mindfulness and self-reflective techniques

gives her a depth of insight, maturity, honesty, sincerity and integrity that is rare and valuable in the modern world of wellness.

Iris is a stand out teacher in her profession.

- Chelsea Haworth, Yoga teacher