How does mindfulness therapy work?

For many people, mindfulness is an elusive concept.
Something that would be good to do but sounds too hard to achieve and too good to be true.

Mindfulness Therapy turns the elusive concept of mindfulness into a truthful, embodied experience you can cultivate and integrate into your life.

I see it as my mission to provide Mindfulness Therapy that is grounded in the challenges of life. I offer a down-to-earth, heartfelt exploration of mindfulness which is directly relevant to your present condition and circumstances. This direct, personal, compassionate attention makes mindfulness real for you.

During Mindfulness Therapy, I assist and accompany you as we bring formal and informal mindfulness practices into your life. With the greatest sensitivity to what is present for you, I turn the practices into something you can:

  • Comprehend with your mind

  • Feel in your heart

  • Connect to with your body.

Your self-awareness, self-observation and self-knowing build through this real and embodied experience. As does your personal gym kit—the formal and informal practices that will best help you integrate mindfulness in your daily life.

As we work together, you become more aware of the choices you are making right now. You also develop your capacity to perceive other choices as your mindful awareness reveals different ways you can respond to your life experiences. You find yourself making wiser choices about ordinary things that occur everyday, as well as more significant things that arise unexpectedly.

By developing the capacity to make better choices, you create the optimal conditions for deep healing, which opens the way for you to live with less inner conflict and greater joy.

This is why my work is Mindfulness Therapy: We work together through therapeutic practice and process to bring you into understanding your true capacity to heal.