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Mindfulness is …

Mindfulness has the power to transform pain, suffering and fear into healing that goes far beyond the concept of fixing a problem or making it go away. I know this because mindfulness helped me find a way to thrive through and beyond a life-threatening crisis. As I became aware of the workings of my mind, I learned how to deepen my healing.


Now, as a mindfulness therapist, I help people use their challenges to nurture transformative healing.

My Mindfulness Therapy programs provide three different ways to begin:


Individual triggers and needs make each person’s experience unique.

Each program responds to factors that cause distress. As we attend these factors together the healing path unfolds.


The links below will guide you to the right beginning for you.

Meditating in Mountains

Mindfulness therapy

The physician’s oath is “First, do no harm”.

But if we don’t know what is going on in our mind, how can we know if we are making ourselves better or worse?

What does mindfulness feel like?

Mindfulness is a practice that connects you to your full experience of the present moment—your body sensations, what you are feeling, what you are thinking, and the effect of your thoughts and feelings on what you are experiencing right now.

You could say it is your experience of the present moment:

     NOT only as you are seeing it
     NOT only as you are feeling it
     NOT only as you think it is, or think it should or should not be



This is what makes mindfulness a healing practice. Mindfulness shows us who and how we really are. Having a more open understanding of ourselves allows us to support and enhance our own healing. Which is how mindfulness prepares us for true healing, healing that makes us whole.

How does mindfulness therapy work?

Mindfulness therapy takes your focus to aspects of yourself that need your attention. Mindful focus on your deepest needs creates an awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. This mindful awareness reveals choices.

Mindful awareness allows you to choose wisely how you relate to yourself, to others, and to life itself.

It reveals the different ways you can respond to all your life experiences whether they are ordinary and every day, or arise unexpectedly and are challenging.

By developing the capacity to make better aware choices, you create the optimal conditions for deep healing which opens the way for you to live with less inner conflict and greater joy.

Are mindfulness and mindfulness therapy different?

For many people, mindfulness is an elusive concept—something that would be good to do but sounds too hard to achieve and too good to be true.

My Mindfulness Therapy turns the elusive concept of mindfulness into a truthful, embodied experience you can cultivate and integrate into your life.

I see it as my mission to provide Mindfulness Therapy that is grounded in the challenges of life.

I offer a down-to-earth, heartfelt exploration of mindfulness which is directly relevant to your present condition and circumstances. This direct, personal, compassionate attention makes mindfulness real for you.

My Programs


The Way Of Awareness

Is it possible to liberate yourself from patterns of limiting behaviour?

Thinking fuels emotions; emotions fuel thinking. Cycles of thoughts, feelings and body sensations determine how we act, react and behave. 

Sometimes, even when we want to change how we feel, we find ourselves caught up in thinking patterns, drowning in emotion, triggered into unwanted behaviour. 

The Way of Awareness is a therapeutic program for exploring triggers of unbeneficial thinking and behaviour. Using tools that respond to individual needs, people work with me through compassionate self-discovery to listen more deeply to their inner dialogue and seek out with compassion a softer, smoother way.


Opportunity in the Crisis

Are you going to be the victim or the victor of your life?

Crisis can ignite a deep realisation. We are not a passive character in our life story. We are also the narrators.

We can choose reaction and resistance. Or we can work with adversity in our lives to choose mindfully and with great awareness how we respond.

I offer my program for finding Opportunity in the Crisis because I know too well this can also be a challenging road. We work together through the program to evolve a deeply personal Healing Map to steer you through challenges laid before you.

The interplay of mindfulness practice, therapy and self-discovery exposes your precious and exceptional opportunity to shift old patterns and make way for healing transformation.


There is more here about listening for the call of Opportunity in the Crisis


Parenting the Inner Child

Would you let a child run your life?

It happens all the time when we don't attend to our childhood hurts and pain with mindful awareness.

Many of us mature in age, but our emotional state stays undeveloped. We operate in life triggered and reactive from the wounded soul of our inner child who keeps on showing up wanting to be noticed, cared for and loved. Even without traumatic events, strong childhood emotions can turn into turn into powerful, persistent, limiting beliefs.

My gentle, compassionate program for Parenting the Inner Child creates a safe, tender space for you to re-meet and listen to your inner child with loving attention.

Read here about how Parenting the Inner Child can help you heal with love.


Ways to work with me


There are three ways to work with me.

  • In one-on-one, private Therapy sessions

  • In my Mindfulness and Meditation Course

  • In my Inner Child Workshop


Follow this link to find out how to begin or continue your healing journey with me.

Will mindfulness therapy work for me?

Many of us experience significant parts of our lives as a battle.


Life doesn’t have to be a battle. 

If you want to stop fighting against what life has delivered up to you then, yes, Mindfulness Therapy will work for you.

Follow this link to find out how, with insights from people who have already worked with me.

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