Internal Stories

Victor Frankl wrote:

"Between stimulus and response, there is a SPACE. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

When I read this quote many years ago, I kept on wondering what is this space?

What this space between stimulus and our response holds?

Slowly it came to me, that though the time between the stimulus and our response is short, the space that in between is huge and it holds many significant factors that affect our ability to respond to life in ways that will be creative and beneficial.

This space holds several significant things as our BELIEF SYSTEM, our limiting beliefs, and our inner narratives, meaning our inner STORIES.

Our stories of how we think things spouse to be, the stories that we hold of ourselves, our stories about other people, our past stories and our stories of how we usually react in a certain situation.

That is one of the reasons why narrative work can be so powerful and effective.

This kind of work "opens and makes more space" within.

It allows us to re-examine ourselves and our response to whatever is happening in our lives and assist us to act and react from a more "spacious", flexible, softer place.

The way we look at things, the meaning that we give things, the STORIES that we create within, can make the whole difference in how we respond to whatever life has to offer.

Creating more space within ourselves by changing our stories allows more flexibility more option.

It allows us to view and react to life in a more proactive, relaxed, balanced and centred ways.

OUR INNER NARRATIVES, OUR STORIES are what is living between the gaps of stimulus and response.

Working with them, softening these stories can make the whole difference in the way we respond to life.


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