How to deal with strong feelings and emotions?

There is a big difference between dwelling on a feeling versus acknowledging and noticing that we feel one way or another.

When we notice and acknowledge our feelings we honor and respect them and ourselves and give them the attention that they need.


When I am feeling a bit out of my balance, I find it very beneficial to:

1) STOP and take a deep breath (it just takes few seconds).

2) ACKNOWLEDGE (acknowledge that something is "starring" me, that something is happening for me.

I can raise an inner question: "what is happening for me right now? What do I feel? This will take again just a few seconds).

3) NOTE I will note what I feel. "I am feeling really sad now." or "I can notice that I am very sad now."

As simple as that might sound, I found that practicing this "way of being", this way of responding to my feelings was "a game changer" for me, and many of my clients are saying the same thing.

Acknowledging, respecting, listening, honoring, raising awareness to our feelings, to what we are feeling right here, right now is very different to dwelling on a feeling.

Practice noticing, respecting and honoring my feelings as opposed to be "stuck" in the STORY that I have about what I am feeling.

Practicing, again and again, distinguishing between the FEELING and the STORY BEHIND THE FEELING had made a huge change for me and to my ability to cope with whatever life has to offer.


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