A blessing or a tragedy-How do we know?

Can you notice the on-going pendulum of your own stories??? Your interpretation of whatever is happening in your life??? We constantly judge what we think that is good and desirable in our lives and what we think is less. The question that I would like to raise and offer here is DO WE REALLY KNOW?????

Here is a great story that demonstrates exactly that.

One day the farmer’s only horse escaped from its corral and ran away. The neighbors came when they heard the news and stood around shaking their heads. “Oh what bad luck!” they lamented, but the farmer simply shrugged. “Perhaps.” About a week later, the horse returned, bringing a whole herd of wild horses with him. As the farmer and his son corralled their new stock of horses, the neighbors stood by and rejoiced. “Oh what good luck!” they declared, and the farmer replied, “Perhaps.” The story continues like this with an unfolding of good luck and bad, but to the farmer, a matter of perspective. We can’t predict the cards that we’re dealt, but we have agency over how we interpret them. A tragedy, a blessing, a story of redemption, forgiveness, revenge: Regardless, we are the narrator. Much love Iris


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